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World Day of fight against leucemia



World Day of fight against leucemia.Leucemie, lymphoma and myeloma. Hematologic diseases that are now less afraid. Is dedicated to them the national day today, June 21.

At present, 70 -80% of patients with some forms of leukemia heals, but the goal (Italian Association against leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma) is the complete healing.

This is the case of chronic myeloid leukemia. There are about 800-1000 people per year who become ill with this disease. Only 20 years ago, a bone marrow transplant was the only hope of recovery, but today the progress made by this disease are extremely encouraging, so much so that in some cases, the hypothesis is the suspension of treatment.

Chronic myeloid leukemia, in fact, care today with new drugs such as nilotinib, that by the time the patient reaches the so-called “complete molecular response” could even be suspended, according to an international study also involving Italy.


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